Uniswap Foundation Ambassador Program is Live

We're absolutely thrilled to announce the first cohort of our Uniswap Foundation Ambassador Program!

Our goal with the Uniswap Foundation Ambassador Program is simple. We want to make Uniswap and DeFi the best they can be, and we believe that by having our Ambassadors work directly with our community and developers, we can make this happen faster.

From the outset, we were blown away by the response to our call for applications. We were excited to see nearly 50 highly skilled individuals eager to be part of our journey. Each application was unique and full of energy, showing us how bright the future of Uniswap can be.

Making the final selection was tough, but we were finally able to select our first ever team of 3 amazing Uniswap Foundation Ambassadors. We're thrilled to have them on board. A huge congrats to them – they're ready to jump in and start making a difference!

  • Adam - Adam is a former grant recipient for Pursuit from the Uniswap Foundation. His recent work in crypto has focused on helping train underrepresented minorities and professionals on web3 and crypto.

  • Ritzy - Ritzy is a longtime member of the Uniswap community. He's an active participant in the Uniswap developer chat Discord and is constantly helping out with any issues developers are having. He loves to create content, help developers, and is ready to answer any DeFi questions you might have.

  • Aiden - Aiden is also a longtime member of the Uniswap community. He's been involved in our grants process and has a deep technical understanding of how to build on Uniswap. He's previously worked in the crypto space with Near Protocol, The Block, and at McKinsey.

So, what will our Ambassadors be doing? They’ll be our superheroes on the ground. They'll be out there talking to you, our community, making sure your voice is heard. In addition, they’ll be focused on creating awesome developer content that helps you build faster and easier within the Uniswap ecosystem. They'll also be working closely with our team at the Uniswap Foundation, attending hackathons and helping to build a stronger and more innovative DeFi space.

We're pumped about this new chapter and can't wait to see the amazing things our Ambassadors will bring to the table. This is just the beginning of a bigger, better, and more exciting journey for our entire developer ecosystem!

Here's to shaping the future of DeFi - with you, our community, and our new Ambassadors!

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