Introducing the Uniswap Hook Incubator

The Uniswap Foundation is thrilled to introduce the latest funded initiative under our evolved grants program: The Uniswap Hook Incubator by Atrium Academy. In this piece, we describe the importance of this initiative, the grantees, and the positive impact it will have on the Uniswap Protocol.

Empowering v4 Hooks Developers

Uniswap v4 introduces unprecedented flexibility and opportunity for the Protocol through ‘hooks’– programmable functions that execute during specific points in a pool’s lifecycle. It evolves Uniswap from an application protocol to a platform protocol - making its developers first-class citizens. There is a vast design space for hooks which we believe will enable faster and safer innovation in DeFi.

However, there is currently no structured way for web3 developers to learn how to build using this new primitive. While the UF has funded a number of hook-focused events, hackathons, documentation, and tooling, there is much more that can be done to support developers interested in building on Uniswap and to enable the kind of experimentation and innovation we are excited to see. To address these challenges and ensure developers are well-equipped to leverage the full capabilities of Uniswap v4, we are proud to allocate a grant of $600,000 over the next 12 months to Atrium Academy to establish the Uniswap Hook Incubator. This initiative is designed to empower experienced Solidity developers with the necessary tools and insights to harness the power of hooks effectively, ultimately unlocking Uniswap v4’s power.

About the Uniswap Hook Incubator

Through the Uniswap Hook Incubator, Atrium Academy aims to onboard at least 250 hook developers over the next 12 months, with each developer building at least one hook on Uniswap v4. Designed with the spirit of a hackathon and the structure of a cohort-based course,  the immersive program will guide developers through every step of launching a hook, regardless of its complexity. This structure is intended to foster a strong sense of community, collaboration and personalized support and feedback for each developer. The 8-week intensive program is specifically crafted for seasoned Solidity developers to learn about hook design. Participants will explore key concepts such as liquidity management, different order types, hook mechanism design, dynamic fees, periphery contracts and more. The program culminates in a 2-week Capstone project, where developers will apply their knowledge to create their own custom hook.

Uniswap Foundation’s $600,000 grant to Atrium Academy covers content creation, instructional support, onboarding, marketing, community management, prizes and full tuition for hundreds of qualified developers. Grant payouts will occur in accordance with the achievement of specific milestones over 12 months, starting in Q1 2024. To read the full grant proposal, click here.

Beyond the 12-month grant period, Atrium Academy may explore asynchronous courses, specialized categories, monetization strategies, or the launch of an accelerator to continue nurturing exceptional developers who aim to build their own applications full time, and to in turn foster growth within the Uniswap Protocol.

Meet the Grantees

Nate Forster and Bhaumik Patel are the co-founders of Atrium Academy. Together, they bring a plethora of educational experience from founding teams of companies such as Maven, Thinkful and On Deck– even building courses for creators such as Anthony Pompliano (The Crypto Academy). They have also coached executives from DeFi organizations such as Coinbase, dYdX, and more.

"With the launch of Uniswap v4, building Hooks will be a foundational point for developer entry." Nate further reflects on the current state of developer resources on Hooks, "There's a vast ecosystem of support for individuals aiming to develop in DeFi. However, when it comes to learning about building a good hook—few resources come to mind."

To bring the Uniswap Hook Incubator to life, Atrium Academy has entrusted Haardik H, co-founder of, with technical content creation. Haardik brings a rich background in web3 development and education, contributing to organizations such as Dapper Labs and Ceramic Network. His platform educates over 100,000 students on web3– and his tutorials are also featured in Uniswap Foundation's official documentation.

Protocol Growth through Hooks

Atrium Academy's Hook Incubator ensures that as the Uniswap Protocol grows and expands, developers have the skills and resources to grow and expand with it— such initiatives are crucial for maintaining momentum and onboarding builders for the long haul.

Additionally, by facilitating a diverse ecosystem of hooks and functionalities, the UF is excited to promote innovation within DeFi and to support the growth of the Uniswap Protocol.

We are looking forward to the innovative hooks that result from this grant and meeting the developers behind them!

As part of the Uniswap Foundation's evolved strategy, which emphasizes metrics-driven grant funding and transparency, updates on The Uniswap Hook Incubator’s progress in relation to key performance indicators (KPIs) will be posted to Uniswap Protocol Governance in upcoming quarters.

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